Saturday, July 11, 2009

Are You A Chiropractic Philosopher?

A PHILOSOPHER raises the question, "WHY?" Why do we do this as we do? Questions lead to questioning, and he who insistingly questions sees error which is intentional or accidental - for perfection is not of this age.

PHILOSOPHY "Literally, the Love of Wisdom"

Philosophy is based on answers to why of things.

It is the explanation of "SPECIFIC" Chiropractic science.

It explains "the why" of everything we do.

It is the knowledge of "phenomena" as explained by or resolved into CAUSES and REASONS, POWERS and LAWS, with 3 in-depth studies:

  • A Study of the Material: bones, nerves, muscles, chemistry, etc...

  • A Study of the Art: Segmental listings, torque, adjusting, follow-thru

  • A Study of the Immaterial: Laws, Causes, Effects, Innate, Mental Impulse, Health

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