Monday, October 26, 2009

Does The Adjustment Get Sick People Well?


What do you do to get stronger? You lift weights. Try lifting weights for several hours, and then lift as much as you can. Does this make you lift more weight? Actually lifting weights breaks muscle down, it is the time between workouts that makes you stronger.

The body's healing ability and the adjustment holding time is what gets you well.

What is the job of the adjustment? To unlock the bone, so the body can make the adjustment.

It is as simple as that.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


When I am dead, if men can say,
I helped the world upon its way;
With all my faults of word and deed
Mankind did have some little need
For what I’ve done—then in my grave
No greater honor shall I crave.
If they can say—if they but can—
“He did his best, he played the man,
His ways were straight; his soul was clean;
His failings not unkind nor mean.
He loved his fellow man and tried
To help him”—I’ll be satisfied.
But when I’m gone, if only one
Will weep because my life is gone
And feel the world is somewhat bare
Because I am no longer there—
Call me a knave, my life misspent—
No matter. I shall be content.