Thursday, July 30, 2009

Innate and Educated Intelligence

We have within us two intelligences - Innate and Educated. Innate Intelligence is a gift. Educated Intelligence is sometimes developed. Innate Intelligence is greater than Educated Intelligence.

Innate Intelligence is always a present normal known quantity, within itself. In abstract, it is always present, always normal, ready and capable of doing all, everywhere, for the needs of any composite form in which it resides. The known quantity of Innate Intelligence is "unknown" to Educated Intelligence, no matter how Educated it thinks it is.

Life is a collection of viewpoints. We gather them here, there and everywhere. We assemble them during waking and sleeping hours.

Education is no different. It is a collection of mosaic thoughts. All conclusions of today are but rearranged bits gathered from many friends, from their many suggestions, writings, printed products, etc.

There is nothing new under the sun. We are but reworking that which others have given us, with that which we have taken out of it, comes that peculiar emasculation which we claim.

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