Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Art of Adjustment

August looks up; smiles as he realizes he finally reached his goal, being in perfect harmony with the rhythm of the universe. The musician and audience are vibrating to the rhythm of life. The adjustment is made….Perfection.

Your mind is in a place of total focus. You must allow the one being adjusted to get into a state of mind which readies their body to receive the universal force directed by your educated mind through your hands. An adjustment is not something you do to someone; rather an adjustment is something done together. One being adjusted must be ready to receive as you must be ready to give. You sense the harmonics, the vibration, the tone, the tension and balance of the one you are about to adjust and become one with it. You must bring the rhythm of your being into harmony with the rhythm of their being. You are no longer two, you are one.

The musician creates music the audience listens as together they dance to the rhythm of life. This is the only way you can reach perfection as you play life’s greatest instrument. Whether you realize it or not as a chiropractor you play beautiful music on the most complicated instrument in the universe.

Music is the harmonics that connects the universe and at this moment in time you are musician extraordinaire. By way of the adjustment you are connecting universal intelligence and force with innate intelligence and force. As you play music your audiences’ innate intelligence listens and integrates it making the perfect adjustment.

As you play this instrument you are reestablishing the connection between ones brain and all parts of the body. You are unleashing limitless potential by perfecting the expression of innate intelligence through innate matter as it is driven by unobstructed innate force. The end result is improved performance at every level of human function. You have positively stirred the expression of life allowing them to reach levels of performance they only dreamed of.

When you have reached this level of understanding of the adjustment you can start to begin to really understand the adjustment. This will be a lifelong pursuit.

In any event I just summed up the final scene of the movie August Rush without giving away too much of the plot. I have watched this movie probably 7 or 8 times now and will watch it many more times because I can see so many parallels with chiropractic philosophy and adjusting. This most recent viewing as I watched the movie it made me think of how as students you are learning the art of adjustment and how frustrating it can be at times. In order to make an adjustment all parties must be in harmony with one another. Sometimes it goes well and other times it is not quite what you would like. But being persistent and determined and arms with certainty you eventually begin to play your music with better tempo, tone and feeling. You are developing the art of adjusting.

I suggest you watch this film and think about this philosophy of life we call chiropractic. You will see parallels not to mention you will probably even enjoy the film. If when you watch this film and see the parallels to our philosophy it will pull at your heart strings and a tear may even form. If it doesn’t you better hit the green books, blue books, the 33 principles, Dr Koch’s new book and listen to Reggie Gold’s Philosophy series.

Hint: Moondance by Van Morrison

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Third Paradigm by Reginald R. Gold, D.C., Ph.C.

There are three possible paradigms of chiropractic thinking. Each chiropractor must choose one of these three to live by or else live in a fuzzy world of half truth, a world in which refusing to face facts not only results in an inability to talk about chiropractic with clarity, but also the inability to practice chiropractic with a clear purpose.

Paradigm #1 holds that chiropractic cures all disease. This paradigm is in line with the advertisement which B.J. Palmer and D.D. Palmer ran in the Davenport Times in 1902 which proclaimed, "You have no right to be sick when chiropractic cures all disease." Practitioners of this paradigm, though they are in truth few and far between would live by such slogans as, "The power that made the body heals the body." They neglect to mention, however, that while it is true that the only power that heals the body is the power which made it, sometimes even that power can't heal. Some people are beyond healing. The pretense that all sick people get well when properly adjusted merely holds us up to ridicule by intelligent people. Other similar slogans claim that "Chiropractic gets sick people well" without adding the necessary word, "sometimes" which would make it true. This latter slogan, incidentally, even if true, would offer chiropractic care to sick people only and deny it to those who are not yet sick by clinical or laboratory symptoms.
A second paradigm of chiropractic thinking and practice holds that only some sick people get better when their vertebral subluxations are corrected. Because of the nature of their disease, or the advanced stages of it, others require medical intervention or adjunctive therapy. This paradigm of treating some and referring others sounds logical and caring, and is most likely to earn us the respect of the community of health care providers. This paradigm represents the thinking of the vast majority of chiropractors. Though there is disagreement how patients should be treated, when to refer, and which treatments to administer in the chiropractic office, the second paradigm is heartily subscribed to by the two largest national organizations.
Since both organizations agree on this major issue, it makes one wonder why we have two separate major organizations. If they both agree to treat some diseases and refer others, what are they disagreeing about?
There is, of course, one slight problem that arises when deciding which patients and diseases to treat and which to refer: all treatment or referral decisions are dependent upon diagnosis. Diagnosis is the one great area of weakness in this practice paradigm. Diagnosis is, after all, the greatest challenge the area of greatest risk of mistakes being made. Yet chiropractors, who receive much less diagnostic training than MD's think they are competent to diagnose for purposes of referral. How is this possible when they:
* Denied by law the use of all diagnostic methods that invade the body chemically or surgically;
* generally learn diagnosis out of textbooks without ever seeing cases of the diseases they purport to identify;
* frequently learn diagnosis from other chiropractors who also learned from textbooks and have never seen cases of the disease;
* often couldn't pass national board exams in diagnosis without a crash course before the exam.
Some say that to practice without diagnosis would be dangerous. I suggest that nothing is more dangerous than incompetent diagnosis. Every year tens of thousands of sick people visit chiropractors of the second paradigm. People seeing chiropractors complain of a variety of problems, which could be the manifestation of vertebral subluxation, or could just as easily be symptomatic of something else, possibly a life-threatening disease. Instead of practicing chiropractic, the paradigm two chiropractor does a medical diagnostic exam, followed by a medical report of findings in which the DC claims to have identified the cause of the problem.
And with such blithe and dangerous comments as, "We do not treat the symptom, we correct the cause," the DC proceeds to offer treatment, which delays medical care for what may be a life-threatening medical emergency.
Was the backache really caused by vertebral subluxation, or is it perhaps a manifestation of prostate cancer, kidney stones, or referred angina from an impending heart attack? Is that headache caused by subluxation or is there an aneurysm at the Circle of Willis, or a brain tumor causing the symptom? How good is the chiropractor's diagnosis?
Another point to consider is that while thousands of people go to chiropractors every day, millions more stay subluxated because they have no symptoms. For over a 100 years we have exposed people to the limited understanding of chiropractic that results from paradigm two. The treatment of some diseases by adjustment and the referral of others based upon our diagnostic knowledge is not chiropractic at all, it is the practice of manipulative medicine, and it is even more dangerous than paradigm one.
Paradigm one is obviously stupid, so stupid that nobody really believes it. Nobody believes that all disease is caused by vertebral subluxation, so nobody gets hurt by it except the chiropractor who tries to make a living at it. Paradigm two, however, sounds logical. It is saleable and, subsequently, dangerous. If paradigm one is stupid, and paradigm two is dangerous, let us consider a third paradigm.
This paradigm make sense to me. It is a paradigm that thousands of chiropractors practice on their families, yet neglect to offer the public. Paradigm three is nether based upon the claim to cure all disease, nor an attempt to prejudge which diseases might be cured if vertebral subluxations are corrected. In fact, it has no disease treatment at all. It is totally non-therapeutic in its intent and practice.
Chiropractic holds that a vertebral subluxation, by its very existence, inhibits the body's ability to fully express its inherent potential. Every vertebral subluxation, by definition, includes some alteration of nerve function from perfection to something else. Vertebral subluxation is, at the very least, a change in the body's structure, and every scientist knows that a change in structure must inevitably result in a change in function. Therefore, all vertebral subluxations must result in altered function. In short, people with vertebral subluxations would be better off without them.
It does not matter if a subluxated person has a disease or if any disease would be best treated by manipulative medicine or some other treatment. The presence or absence of disease is irrelevant. Every human being, sick or well, newborn or aged, regardless of nutrition, exercise, occupation, sex, race, religion, and all other factors of life, is better off without vertebral subluxation. Why then do some chiropractors and organizations want to limit chiropractic correction of subluxations to certain categories? Is the person with AIDS or terminal cancer better off left subluxated? Should an infant with a vertebral subluxation but no determinable disease symptoms be left subluxated until symptoms occur? Symptoms are the last stages of malfunction, not the first.
By the time symptoms have occurred, years of opportunity for repair may have been lost. Why not correct vertebral subluxations when they occur, rather than wait for years of damage to produce symptoms?
To restrict chiropractic to sick people is as stupid as restricting vitamin C to people who have a cold. Furthermore, to treat disease by manipulation is necessarily to delay alternative treatment and thus, possibly endanger life.
The third paradigm of chiropractic practice is the only one that makes sense. It makes so much sense that thousands of chiropractors use it for themselves and their own families, yet because medical insurance does not pay for it, they do not teach its value to the public at large.
We live in a country that spends billions of dollars a year on the treatment of sickness and disease, but precious little on health. Our chiropractic profession is supposed to lead the world into a new and more intelligent way of thinking, not follow the mistakes of the past.
Paradigm three is not about health and sickness. It is about the recognition that vertebral subluxation causes more than just lost health potential and loss of every human potential. The nervous system is the coordinating system whereby the countless billions of body cells interact in harmony to express mind, body, spirit, emotion, artistic talent, speed, stamina, coordination, and family relations. Vertebral subluxation is a cause of disharmony to this beautiful thing we call life.
Paradigms one and two are about backaches; paradigm three is about life. We can choose to conform to the errors of the past, or we can step proudly to the forefront and lead the way into the future.
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Can Man Reverse Law? - Part 2

The "Specific Chiropractor" acknowledges One dis-ease; One cause; One source; One adjustment necessary at One place, with designed desire to correct. Finding that One Place; giving One adjustment; restoring flow of One force; from One source; thru One channel predestined; whatever existed abnormally and unnaturally, will sooner or later, be restored to normal functional speed of action and Health, the ultimate and unequivocal requisite.

Are you satisfied with your present percentage of getting sick well? Would you like to step up your percentage of successes and step down your percentage of failures...and don't know how? Do you want to see "Specific Chiropractic" kept a separate and distinct profession? Would you like to see "Specific Chiropractic" a universal service in Every home, in all states in all countries? Do you think the world of people would be better if such were true? Do you believe that the sick of tomorrow have a right to get well with "Specific Chiropractic," same as people of yesterday?

What a glorious day That would be for the human race.

Suppose We tell Them!

  • Chiropractic is a philosophy

  • of the source and development of internal human function

  • from Above-Down, Inside-Out

  • the science of determining the location of

  • the interference to the flow of "Mental Impulses" between Source in the brain stem and function in body.

  • through the nerve system

  • and the art of adjusting by hand only, Vertebral Subluxations

  • which produce pressures upon spinal cord or spinal nerve tracts

  • to allow for restoration & creation of a "Mental Impulse" flow

  • so that "Innate Intelligence"

  • residing within each living body

  • has a free full flow

  • in the re-establishment and Restoration Of Health.

When a principle that is right is used right, the one so using it will succeed.

When a principle that is right is wrongly used, the one so using it will fail.

To condemn a principle because wrong application produced failure is to condemn creation itself.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Can Man Reverse Law? - Part 1

In our Chiropractic Philosophy, we have not devised, conceived, built, or manufactured another "road." We have observed, seen, and studied The road Which Has Always Been. Is Now, In Every Living Creature - Built By The Law For It To Travel Over And With.

We looked at and saw the "road" that was and is. We have merely interpreted That law "road." We have Understood there Was Such, made it possible to correct interference between the law, per se, and its lack of expression In the body in which it lives, making it possible for man To Travel Safely And Healthily on that "road."

Life, philosophically speaking is the harmonious connection between brain and physical body. Physiologically speaking, it is the normal expansion of tissue cells. Dis-ease, philosophically speaking, it is the partial interference of impulse between brain and physical body by pressure upon nerve tissue. Physiologically speaking, it is the excess or lack of normal expansion of tissue cells. Death, philosophically speaking is the complete cessation of impulses due to the complete disconnection between the brain and body. Physiologically speaking it is that state where no more germinal cells exist to allow normal expansion.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

How Old Are Simple Principles?

There is so little man knows about the abstract of man, and so much that is known about the concretes of man, that one becomes fearful of the other and thus builds sciences which prove little and take man away from that which he needs to know about.

Man is born to live and die. He comes with an INNATE Intelligence and without and education. One he has at birth, other he accumulates. The accumulation never equals its SOURCE. The source is millions of years old, has gone through millions of adaptations, and knows right from wrong, good from bad, successful from unsuccessful. It's invincible, It's invulnerable, It's not subject to wounds or injury. That which we humans accumulate as an education is from birth to death, a short span of years, and then it goes back to the great vat of the cosmos from which it came. Peculiarily, the little THINKS it is the much. The much Knows it is little. The lesser assumes arrogant attitude of being greater than the greater. Greater assumes humble knowledge that it IS the greater, continuing to produce and reproduce, and lets it rest at that.

The Universal Intelligence takes many attributes in the human educated mind. Usually, in our modern day, IT is a He and a Him of tremendous size, equivalent to and something like ourselves. Others see IT only as the abstract, without shape, form or size. Whatever this IT has been or is, IT has existed before the beginning of time. IT has directed all worlds, all forms, all created things, including mankind.

Living is a continuous Law-Possessing internal process from moment of conception to moment of death. Every second, hour, day or year we are in constant and consistent law guiding motion - not one part individually but all parts co-ordinately.

That manifestation of Universal Intelligence in the Universe as well as its Innate Intelligence manifestation in All living products, which exemplifies Its existence following a definite abstract concept and concrete pattern, true to its own ideas and ideas to perpetuate and establish a balance between all its created species and families of species in mortal from.

Why title It? Man with his limited horizon suggests It possesses knowledge, understanding, ideas, ideals, discrimination between life and death, normal and abnormal, right and wrong, good and bad, constructive and destructive values of materials, adapts itself to conditions to preserve its integrity in all living products it creates and sustains. That It Is "universal" is an all-inclusive term of time, abilities, materials, beyond human scope. It is that intangible Source from which spring all things superior to mortal man, In man, To which all men aspire, revere and seek to comprehend its unlimited possibilities and responsibilities.

Any attempt to put into language Any interpretation of that over-all guiding Intelligence finds ourselves wordbound. It comes, It is, It does, without language, what It alone sees fit to do.

To Unbalance this Balance is to produce Dis-unity creating Dis-ease.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Universal Law Takes Chaos Out Of Cosmos

The inception, conception, beginning, existence of all things IS a Universal Intelligence governing, directing and pursuing its necessities of worlds as we think we see and understand them.

The inception, conception, beginning, existence of all things in any and all composite organized forms of matter is the expression of Innate Intelligence in them to produce, reproduce, and develop them.

It is Intelligent Power without which the world could not have been Man has always looked up to IT as a source of good, right, constructive, helpful, healthful, uplifting, bettering source of all we wished to be and become. With IT all is Cosmos. Without IT all would be Chaos.

What is IT that created worlds and holds them in their orbits? What is IT that creates seasons and balances them from year to year throughout time? What is IT that balances oxygen and hydrogen? What is IT that establishes an equality between wets and dries, creating a necessity for each? What is IT that fixes species and families in vegetables, animals, reptiles, simians, bipeds, and quadrupeds, including man, and fixes their span of life? What is IT that created billions of children, male and female, and builds them adaptable to and confines each to production and reproduction of their kind? What is IT that creates patterns for all functional expressions and holds them in line through millions of years? What is IT that fixes certain immutable regulations by which all things are equitably governed? What is IT that wraps up in an eight-pound package a boy or girl, in 280 days?