Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What Does The Last Chiropractor Charge?

How much does it cost to see The Last Chiropractor? Well that’s a good question and worth discussing. First of all we are unable to talk specific prices because it is illegal to do so. However we can talk principles, which is natural for The Last Chiropractor.

Potential members certainly want to know how much it will cost them to keep their families free from the effects of subluxation. As The Last Chiropractor you want to charge a fair price that not only makes it affordable to the member but also produces a profit for you. How does one determine what that amount is? One can take into account a number of facts such as how is the economy in my town, what are other chiropractors charging or am I in a white collar or blue collar community?

Yes these are all questions the ordinary chiropractor asks and ponders when deciding what to charge their patients. As we have said before in this blog The Last Chiropractor is far from ordinary, they are extraordinary. The Last Chiropractor keeps it simple when it comes to pricing.

In determining what to charge, it doesn’t matter if you are charging a fee for service or a yearly membership fee for the family. The question you have to ask yourself is. “Can I afford to see myself?” Or “If I were a family of four could I afford to bring in my family once a week for the rest of my life to be checked for subluxation?” There is your answer.

You need to come up with an amount parents in your area will pay year after year to keep their families nervous system free from interference. Only you can determine what that number is. The key is; can you afford to see yourself?
The Last Chiropractor has their services priced so they could afford to see their own family for the rest of their lives!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Is Your Technique Analysis Reproducible?

If you are one of The Last Chiropractors, you have a technique analysis that is reproducible by you or another great Chiropractor. It is efficient, effective, and elegant to perform. There must be a pre adjustment analysis such as a leg check, instrumentation, motion or static palpation, muscle test, or any other procedure to locate or detect a subluxation. Then of course you deliver a specific adjustment if indicated. After the great adjustment if it was indicated by your analysis, you must have a post analysis to confirm that the subluxation was indeed corrected. This will give the practice member and the Chiropractor increased confidence and certainty regarding the care given by the Last Chiropractor.

This is one of the simplest ways to improve your credibility as a Chiropractor as well as build confidence knowing that when the practice member is analyzed and no subluxation indicators are present that you did all that you could do that day to insure that their innate intelligence is expressing itself at 100%.

Perfect your pre-subluxation and post-adjustment analysis to make it efficient, effective, elegant ,and reproducible and you will indeed be on your way to being one of the Last Chiropractors.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Pareto Principle for The Last Chiropractor

The Last Chiropractor is someone that take massive action that is specific, planned, and organized. They don't just sit on the couch and hope for the best, they get in the game and get busy. This separates them from the pack, however they take the correct action steps to elevate them to the 20% group of Chiropractors.

The 20% Group:

  • Do affirmations daily

  • Read their written goals daily

  • Visualize daily

  • Have staff meetings weekly

  • Have written office policy's

  • Do ongoing staff training

  • Have efficient intake procedures

  • Do a efficient consultation

  • Impressive exam

  • Great report of findings

  • Don't adjust on first visit

  • Mandatory Health Class

  • Strong Philosophy

  • Fair fees for everyone

  • Specific recommendations

  • Return calls timely

  • Involved in the profession

  • Has events monthly in office

  • Modern office

  • Always saves 10%

  • Refers students to LIFE

  • Great public speaker

  • Invests in self regularly

The 80% Group:

  • No affirmations

  • No goals

  • Not visualizers

  • No staff meetings

  • Use verbal policy's

  • Improvise intake procedures

  • Random consultation

  • Condition based exam

  • Generic report of findings

  • Adjust on first visit

  • No health care class

  • No philosophy

  • Inconsistent fees

  • General visit recommendations

  • Sometimes doesn't return calls

  • No profession involvement

  • No practice events

  • Out of date/disorganized office

  • Saves randomly if they can

  • Doesn't refer to Life

  • No public talks

  • Hopes it will all work out financially

What group do you belong to? If you find yourself in the 80% group, stop, take inventory of yourself and your office, and take action today to get into the 20% group and Be one of The Last Chiropractors.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Typical Member of The Last Chiropractor

Because of their commitment and adherence to the chiropractic principles that define the essence of chiropractic The Last Chiropractor develops a practice filled with educated members. A practice filled with educated members refers other potential members to The Last Chiropractor for the right reasons. Typical members are not individual members of a family, quite the contrary, typical members are families. Members of The Last Chiropractor stay members throughout their lives because they get the Big Idea?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Phraseology and The Last Chiropractor

What you discuss with your patients in the treatment room has consequences, especially if you are The Last Chiropractor. You will affect the patient’s physical and mental well being.

Being one of The Last Chiropractors and being grounded in the Vitalistic Philosophy of Life it’s easy to understand how you affect a member’s physical well-being. You adjust the member opening up their nerve channels allowing innate force to flow from brain to tissue cell and tissue cell to brain with minimal to no interference. Now that the innate forces of the body are flowing with minimal interference this maximizes the expression of innate intelligence through the innate matter allowing the individual to be functioning at peak performance levels. Increased energy, improved metabolism, increased resistance and clearer thinking begin to return resulting in Heath and Optimum Performance. Not a bad thing.

Then there is the mental aspect of the patient’s well-being. Words have meanings and no one knows this better than The Last Chiropractor. The Last Chiropractor works on their phraseology until they get to the point where what they say to members as they care for them is automatic. It’s focused and on point. You are functioning at a level of unconscious competence, a higher level of mind. What I am getting at can be made clear by the following multiple choice question.

What topic should not be discussed as you care for your members?

· The patient’s health condition.
· Chiropractic
· Subluxation
· Atlanta Braves

I’ll bet you wished board exams were this easy. But in reality it’s easy to discuss everything under the sun as you care for your members. The Last Chiropractor keeps the discussion on point and focused. You need to discuss the member’s health, their care plan, chiropractic, Subluxation, chiropractic philosophy and wellness and that’s about it. Anything else is getting off purpose and not necessary and actually counterproductive. As a matter of fact you start talking baseball, the weather, soap operas and the like and you waste valuable time that could be used to help the next member sitting in your reception room. The Last Chiropractor is on a Mission to care for as many people as possible.

Now there is a time to talk about the Atlanta Braves in the care of your members. It’s when John Smoltz, the pitcher, is a member and is concerned about how being subluxated is impacting his performance as a pitcher. A little baseball talk would be appropriate in this instance. This is especially true when you have your adjusting members in an open adjusting area with other members sitting in hot seats. What better way to knock it out of the park in the presence of many members than to explain to an athlete how being subluxation free improves performance?

On a regular basis you will have members in the clinic that are in severe pain. In these cases you may not be able to improve them significantly physically that day; however you can improve them mentally. You accomplish this by being positive. Reinforce the fact they are in the right place. Let them know you are going to help them by removing irritation from their nerve system. Reassure them. Empathize. By doing so you may not have improved them physically but you have improved their mental tone. Also reinforcing the fact that you don’t know for sure if you will alleviate their pain, but by removing irritation from their nervous system your members know there is a good chance of improving their overall health.

Members of The Last Chiropractor know that they are not seeing their chiropractor specifically for the relief of symptoms but they also realize that a lot of symptoms disappear by staying subluxation free. So if a member doesn’t get the relief of symptoms they are looking for by correcting subluxations, they have been educated by The Last Chiropractor to know they just may need to see some other professional for that problem and still continue with their regular chiropractic care.

When adjusting the patient say positive things like Got It or That Removed a Lot of Nerve Pressure or Great or Super or That’s the Best Adjustment I Gave All Day!

Be Positive, Positive, Positive!!! Always!!!

Let’s avoid saying things like ooops or did that hurt or are you OK? or does that feel better? or did I get it? The Last Chiropractor never makes statements such as these as they plant the seeds of doubt and uncertainty in the members mind. If you have to say it at all, think it, don’t verbalize it. Realize, even if it wasn’t the best adjustment you ever gave you did put a force into the body at a specific point that in your educated intelligences opinion needed a force. Your member’s innate intelligence will take this universal force you provided turning it into an innate force and use it to make the perfect adjustment. So you see, it really wasn’t an ooops!

As a final thot you need to be positive and enthusiastic in the day to day caring of members. Negativity has no business in your office or your day for that matter. Always be this way. It’s contagious. Work on staying on purpose with your members and educate them about chiropractic, their condition and how Subluxation Eats Away At The Very Fabric Of Life. It’s all about caring for the member.

Members Don’t Care How Much You Know, They Care How Much You Care!

The Last Chiropractor is always positive, focused, efficient and on purpose when interacting with their members. Their phraseology is always on point and appropriate. The Last Chiropractor is a Meaningful Specific.

When grounded in the Vitalistic Philosophy of Life it is easy to be this way at all times.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Last Chiropractor Is In The 20% Group

The movers and shakers, the leaders and the doers in the Chiropractic profession have many characteristics in common, that is why they are one of the Last Chiropractor's.

The Last Chiropractor always falls into the 20% group and not into the 80% group. What group do you find yourself in?

The 20% Group:

  • Love what they do

  • Are consistently upbeat and enthusiastic

  • Stay focused on the tasks at hand

  • Are confident and optimistic

  • Are action oriented

  • Make friends easily and have a huge network

  • Aren't afraid to confront

  • Finishes what they start

  • Think BIG

  • Are proud to be a Chiropractor

  • Think long term

  • Are lifelong learners

  • Are humble

The 80% Group:

  • Consider it work or their job

  • Are moody and introverted

  • Get distracted easily

  • Lacks confidence because of fear

  • Tends to procrastinate

  • Have few friends

  • Avoids confrontation

  • Cuts corners

  • Think small

  • Chiropractic is a career choice

  • Short term thinker

  • Know it all

  • Arrogant

We get to choose what group we want to participate in each and every day. Make sure to choose wisely and you can be one of The Last Chiropractor's.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Initial Meeting With Potential New Member

When a potential new member comes to your office they have four questions on their mind. However, even before these four questions come into play they have one overriding concern which is. “What kind of person are they about to meet? “ They are very concerned and actually nervous about this question. You as the doctor need to understand this and address it immediately.

The way to instantly put them at ease is to come into the room where the potential new member is sitting…smile, extend your hand giving them a warm vibrant handshake and say the following.

“Hi –state their name – I am Dr. Mjoen. It is a pleasure to meet you and I am so happy to have you in our office today.”

You will usually see them smile in return and let out a sigh of relief once they realize you are a kind and concerned doctor, one who will listen to their concerns. In reality a potential new member doesn’t care about how much you know, they are more concerned about how much you care.

Now that the potential new member is relaxed and feels more at ease there thot’s return to the four questions alluded to at the beginning of this blog. They are interested in finding out answers to the following questions.

1. What is wrong with them?
2. Can it be fixed?
3. How long will it take?
4. How much will it cost?

The last chiropractor always tells the patient the truth. If the member is talking about symptoms the last chiropractor explains they have no idea what is causing the symptoms. They are unable to explain if it can be fixed. They have no idea how long it would take. Since the last chiropractor is unable to truthfully answer questions 1-3 they certainly will be unable to tell them how much it would cost to rid them of their symptom. They explain to the potential new member they don’t know if they can help their symptom, but they do know whether the symptom goes away or not with care they will be much better off with a nerve system free from interference.

So what can the last chiropractor tell the member and be 100% certain what they tell them is the truth? The last chiropractor tells them their sole purpose is to remove interference from member’s nerve system. They explain to the member it is always better to have their body function without interference to the nerve systems than with interference. Their performance at every level of human function will be better if their body is free from nerve interference. The last chiropractor is able to tell the potential member how much it will cost to the penny for membership.

The last chiropractor is able tell their members the truth at all times because they are grounded in the Vitalistic Philosophy of Life.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Three Vital Laws of Success

The Last Chiropractor studies Universal, Biological, and Chiropractic Laws and Principles. Three of them include:

  1. The Law of Cause and Effect.

Every thought is a cause set in motion that eventually has a physical effect. Everything begins as a thought before manifesting itself in physical form. Your thoughts create your reality.

2. The Law of Attraction.

Whatever you dwell upon, you will attract into your life. The thoughts and images you hold in your mind will eventually become your reality.

3. The Law of Projection.

The thoughts we send out are picked up by others. Therefore we can attract people into our lives that can help us achieve our goals and realize our dreams.

When you learn to use the laws to your advantage you attract all of the right people, things, and events into your life and you truly live a successful and fulfilling life.

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Last Chiropractor is Vitalistic

If you are one of the last chiropractors, you understand that Chiropractic, as a vitalistic healing philosophy, science, and art, is not limited to practice members with specific conditions, but instead is applicable to all individuals, no matter what their presenting symptoms, who have vertebral subluxations, interference with their nervous system that is interrupting their connection to the innate intelligence that runs their body. Free of nerve interference, the individual will benefit.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Are You One Of The Last Chiropractor's?

What the last chiropractor isn’t:
· Mechanistic
· Insurance dependant
· Low tech
· Low volume
· Only focused on individuals
· High fees
· Focused on symptoms
· Using a non specific technique
· A follower in their community
· Lacking passion, vision, motivation, certainty

The last chiropractor isn’t mechanistic; they are vitalistic in everything that they do. They realize that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That nature needs no help, just no interference. They are vitalistic with their application of technique, with their marketing, and practice member education.

The last chiropractor isn’t insurance dependent; they have a cash practice and deliver outstanding sevice for a fair fee that people are willing and able to afford. There are multiple ways to pay for the care such as cash, check, credit card, debit card, or care plans with care credit.

The last chiropractor isn’t low tech, they are high tech. They utilize the latest technology when it comes to location, detection, and monitoring the vertebral subluxation complex. They use high tech ways to monitor people’s posture as well. They use the internet to communicate with their practice members, to network with other professionals, to have a state of the art web site.
The last chiropractor isn’t low volume; they are high volume for many reasons. The first one being that they get such great results that they get so many referrals, they are forced to be efficient, effective, and elegant with their technique to keep up with the great demand.

The last chiropractor isn’t only focused on individuals, they are focused on families. They realize that it is far easier and smarter to care for children than to try to fix worn out adults. When a baby is subluxation free they can live a life they were designed to live and live up to their full potential.

The last chiropractor isn’t charging high fees; they are charging fees that everyone can afford. They offer a very affordable fee structures so that the entire family can receive chiropractic care for a lifetime.

The last chiropractor isn’t focused on symptoms and is focused on subluxations and the person with the subluxations. They understand that symptoms are an intelligent design to tell us that something is wrong, however by just addressing symptoms you never get to the cause of the individuals problem. By locating and correcting subluxations it gives the practice member the best chance to self heal and self regulate.

The last chiropractor isn’t using a non specific technique and does use a specific technique that has clear indicators to determine if the practice member is subluxated or not. With clear indicators this gives the practice member and the chiropractor confidence that they are getting the best possible care available.

The last chiropractor isn’t a follower in their community; they are the leader in their community. They are role models that everyone looks up to. They are leaders in their community organizations such as the chamber of commerce, Lions, Rotary club, Churches, Schools, and other civic organizations.

The last chiropractor isn’t lacking passion, vision, motivation, certainty, because they are passionate, visionaries, motivated, and certain. When you are one of the last chiropractor’s, passion exudes from you and it is contagious to practice members and other chiropractor’s. The vision of the last chiropractor is not short term; it takes into account of at least seven generations when making any decision. Who motivates the last chiropractor? They are self motivated and are inner driven and don’t need gimmicks or quick fix methods to have short term motivation. They have a strong philosophy that keeps them purpose driven and therefore don’t need external motivation. All of this adds up to a chiropractor that is certain of what their purpose is, what their mission is and because of this Chiropractic will survive and thrive.
Are you one of the last chiropractor’s?
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