Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Question: What is Spasmodic Healing?

Answer: It's the lack of continuous healing from one correction to the next.

If the patient needs an alignment correction on every visit, they are experiencing Spasmodic Healing. The body’s natural self-healing process is interrupted when the patient fails to maintain their alignment between corrections. So when did they need another correction? ... Later that day ... the next day ... the next week?Spasmodic Healing happens when the healing process is not continuous. Obviously, if a patient requires a correction on each visit, It's time to re-evaluate: Are you applying your corrective procedure effectively?New x-rays ... The correction formula may have changed.Question the patient ... they may be causing the frequent misalingment to occur. Restricted brain to body communication leads to the development of acute and chronic health problems. Continuous healing is the ultimate in Total Wellness and the Key to Optimal Health.Holding your alignment correction -- is-- Healing!Maintaining it -- is -- health maintenance at its Best! A correction on every visit -- is -- akin to manipulation!