Sunday, July 26, 2009

An Idea Ahead of its Time

Persistant Determination is necessary in educating the public as to the importance of living life free from subluxation.

Unknowingly the public is moving towards the vitalistic principles and practices chiropractic philosophy has professed since its beginnings. In many of the alternative forms of health care people use today, vitalism can be found. In order for one to move towards more vitalistic activities and ideas, one has to have some basic grasp or inkling of the presence of a universal intelligence. Chiropractic philosophy is vitalistic and founded on the premise there is a universal intelligence giving organization to everything. The chiropractic profession must with persistence and determination continue to educate the public as to the essence of chiropractic philosophy. This can only be achieved with an understanding of universal intelligence, innate intelligence and educated intelligence then intelligently applying it to their life. Armed with this information the public will know that in order to obtain the greatest benefit from all the healthy activities they involve themselves in they must stay as subluxation free as possible. It is only then life can express itself completely with function and performance at levels only dreamed of. When this state of consciousness permeates humanity we as a profession will have evolved into the profession we know it to be. The future looks bright for principled philosophical chiropractic. Chiropractic philosophy truly is an idea ahead of its time.

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