Thursday, July 2, 2009

"That Something"

“There is ‘That Something’
in every man’s soul, which can move the mountains or dry the seas.” “Then
you must be Faith!” “Yes,” came the answer, “I am Faith, but I am more—I
am that which makes men face the fires of hell, and win.” “Then you must be
Confidence, as well.” “Yes, I am more than Confidence—I am that which
makes the babbling brooks lift worlds upon their wavelets.” “You are Power,”
I cried. “Yes, I am more than Power,” answered the voice. “I am that which
makes the wretched failure lift up himself and rule the world.” “You are
Ambition—I know you now.” “Yes, I am all you say—Faith, Confidence,
Power, Ambition, and more. For greater than all is ‘That Something.’ I am
that which every man must find in his soul or else he will be but a clutterer of
the earth on which he lives.”

It is the power of the inner man, the fuel of the soul machine.

‘That Something’ lies dormant in every soul until aroused.

A man’s success depends alone on ‘That Something.’ ‘That Something’ of his soul.

If men will read that story, read and reread, until it is written on their memories; if men will believe the message you bring, and then if they will but awaken that something within their souls that now lies asleep—I say if you can make men do this, you will have done
more for mankind than any man or any thousand men have done in many,
many years. Write it, man, write it word for word as you have told it here, so
every man may read. Write it, man, write it!”
And so it has been written. You who have heard it through, I pray that you may hear it every word again and again until ‘That Something’ of your souls has been aroused, and
you have taken your places among the rulers of the world.

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