Sunday, June 28, 2009

Is Your Practice Waiting For A Leader To Show Up?

Leadership can be summed up by the following few sayings:

  • Your actions speak so loudly that I can't hear what you are saying. - Be Congruent.

  • Example is not the main thing in leading others, it is the only thing.

  • As a leader the first person you need to lead is you.

  • The first person that you should try to change is you.

  • To remain a credible leader, you must always work first, hardest, and longest on changing yourself.

This is neither easy nor natural, but is essential.

A survey conducted by Opinion Research Corporation for Ajilon Finance asked U.S. workers to select the one trait that was most important in a leader. The trait with the most votes was: Leading by example.

What are you going to start doing differently to become the leader you are capable of?

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Act To Create It

If you want to live a dream life, not only must you decide what you want, turn your dream into measurable goals, break those goals down into specific action steps, and visualize and affirm your desired outcomes -- you must start taking action!
I recommend making the commitment to do something every day in at least three different areas of your life that moves you in the direction of your goal.
If one of your goals is physical fitness, make a commitment to do some sort of exercise -- aerobics, weight training, stretching -- four to five times a week for a minimum of twenty minutes.
I read recently that if you simply go for a 30 minute walk four times a week, that would put you in the top 1% of those people getting physical exercise!
If your goal is financial independence, start saving and investing a portion of your income every month with no exceptions.
If your goal is to write a book, write for a minimum of one hour every day.
DON'T LET FEAR STOP YOU Most people never get what they want because they let their fears stop them. They are afraid of making a mistake, looking foolish, getting ripped off, being rejected, being hurt, wasting their time, and feeling uncomfortable.
Fear is self-created by imagining catastrophic consequences that have yet to happen. It is all in your mind. In fact, you can actually scare yourself by imagining negative and harmful images. But simply stop the catastrophic thoughts and images, and the fear goes away.
REJECTION IS A MYTH One of the biggest fears that stops people from asking for support, guidance, advice, money, a date, a job, the sale, or anything else is the fear of rejection.
In fact, it's been known to literally paralyze people. They become tongue-tied and refuse to reach for the phone or get up and walk across the room. They break out in a sweat at the mere thought of asking for what they want.
I have come to realize that the whole concept of rejection is false -- that rejection doesn't really exist. Think about it for a moment. If you asked someone to join you for dinner, and they said no, you could tell yourself that you had been rejected. But think about it. Did you have anyone to eat dinner with before you asked them? No! Did you have anyone to eat dinner with after you asked them? No! Did your life really get worse? No. It stayed the same!
ACT AS IFOne of the secrets of success is to start acting like a success before you are one. Act as if. If you had already achieved your dream, what kinds of clothes would you be wearing? How would you act? How would you treat others? Would you tithe a portion of your income to your church or favorite charities? Would you have more self-confidence? Would you take more time to spend with your loved ones?
I suggest that you begin to do those things now!
When I decided that I wanted to be an "international" consultant, I immediately went and applied for a passport, bought an international clock that told me what time it was anywhere in the world, printed business cards with the words "International Self-Esteem and Peak Performance Consultant," and decided I would like to first go to Australia. I bought a poster of the Sydney Opera House and placed it on my refrigerator.
Within one month, I received an invitation to speak in Sydney and Brisbane. Since then, I have spoken and conducted trainings in over 30 countries and continue to expand my business around the globe.
Start acting as if you already have everything you want.
Most people think that if they have a lot of money, they could do the things they want to do, and they would be much happier. In fact, the reverse is true.
If you start by creating a state of happiness and abundance, then do the things you are inspired to do from that state of being, you will end up having all the things you ultimately desire.
Remember, the proper order of this is to start now and be who you want to BE, then DO the actions that go along with being that person, and soon you will find that you can easily HAVE everything you want in life--health, wealth and fulfilling relationships.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Adjustment With That Extra Something

Adjusting a vertebrae ("the adjustment with that extra something") is what happens AFTER my hands have left the back; it is that REACTION that occurs when INNATE recoils in the body of patient, which resets vertebrae into normal position. My work is an enticement to get INNATE TO MAKE THE ADJUSTMENT ("the adjustment with that extra something"). - BJP, Vol XVIII, p 426

Monday, June 8, 2009

What Type OF "adjustment" Do You Deliver?

Five Types of "adjustments":

  1. Kiss "adjustment"

  2. Treatment "adjustment"

  3. Shove and Push "adjustment"

  4. Adjustment "adjustment"

  5. The Adjustment with that "Extra Sometning"

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Four Elements Of A Vertebral Subluxation

  1. Misalignment with co-respondents above and below

  2. Occlusion of foramen through which nerves pass

  3. Pressure upon nerves

  4. Interference to transmission of mental impulse supply

BJ Palmer added a fifth element to the subluxation in 1933

5. 3 directional torque misalignment

A subluxation causes dis-ease and dis-ease left unchecked for a significant period of time leads to specific disease processes. In order for the subluxation to manifest into a sick condition, time is necessary.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Do You Deliver Adjustments With Staying Put Value?


The majority of Chiropractors work with the concept that THEY are the all important feature of "adjusting subluxations"; that it is what THEY do that replaces a SUBLUXATION; and with this thot, they proceed to PUSH vertebrae into the position THEY think they need be pushed into. "Adjusting," in their minds, means PUSHING BONES INTO ADJUSTED POSITIONS.