Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What Does The Last Chiropractor Charge?

How much does it cost to see The Last Chiropractor? Well that’s a good question and worth discussing. First of all we are unable to talk specific prices because it is illegal to do so. However we can talk principles, which is natural for The Last Chiropractor.

Potential members certainly want to know how much it will cost them to keep their families free from the effects of subluxation. As The Last Chiropractor you want to charge a fair price that not only makes it affordable to the member but also produces a profit for you. How does one determine what that amount is? One can take into account a number of facts such as how is the economy in my town, what are other chiropractors charging or am I in a white collar or blue collar community?

Yes these are all questions the ordinary chiropractor asks and ponders when deciding what to charge their patients. As we have said before in this blog The Last Chiropractor is far from ordinary, they are extraordinary. The Last Chiropractor keeps it simple when it comes to pricing.

In determining what to charge, it doesn’t matter if you are charging a fee for service or a yearly membership fee for the family. The question you have to ask yourself is. “Can I afford to see myself?” Or “If I were a family of four could I afford to bring in my family once a week for the rest of my life to be checked for subluxation?” There is your answer.

You need to come up with an amount parents in your area will pay year after year to keep their families nervous system free from interference. Only you can determine what that number is. The key is; can you afford to see yourself?
The Last Chiropractor has their services priced so they could afford to see their own family for the rest of their lives!

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