Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Is Your Technique Analysis Reproducible?

If you are one of The Last Chiropractors, you have a technique analysis that is reproducible by you or another great Chiropractor. It is efficient, effective, and elegant to perform. There must be a pre adjustment analysis such as a leg check, instrumentation, motion or static palpation, muscle test, or any other procedure to locate or detect a subluxation. Then of course you deliver a specific adjustment if indicated. After the great adjustment if it was indicated by your analysis, you must have a post analysis to confirm that the subluxation was indeed corrected. This will give the practice member and the Chiropractor increased confidence and certainty regarding the care given by the Last Chiropractor.

This is one of the simplest ways to improve your credibility as a Chiropractor as well as build confidence knowing that when the practice member is analyzed and no subluxation indicators are present that you did all that you could do that day to insure that their innate intelligence is expressing itself at 100%.

Perfect your pre-subluxation and post-adjustment analysis to make it efficient, effective, elegant ,and reproducible and you will indeed be on your way to being one of the Last Chiropractors.

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