Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Pareto Principle for The Last Chiropractor

The Last Chiropractor is someone that take massive action that is specific, planned, and organized. They don't just sit on the couch and hope for the best, they get in the game and get busy. This separates them from the pack, however they take the correct action steps to elevate them to the 20% group of Chiropractors.

The 20% Group:

  • Do affirmations daily

  • Read their written goals daily

  • Visualize daily

  • Have staff meetings weekly

  • Have written office policy's

  • Do ongoing staff training

  • Have efficient intake procedures

  • Do a efficient consultation

  • Impressive exam

  • Great report of findings

  • Don't adjust on first visit

  • Mandatory Health Class

  • Strong Philosophy

  • Fair fees for everyone

  • Specific recommendations

  • Return calls timely

  • Involved in the profession

  • Has events monthly in office

  • Modern office

  • Always saves 10%

  • Refers students to LIFE

  • Great public speaker

  • Invests in self regularly

The 80% Group:

  • No affirmations

  • No goals

  • Not visualizers

  • No staff meetings

  • Use verbal policy's

  • Improvise intake procedures

  • Random consultation

  • Condition based exam

  • Generic report of findings

  • Adjust on first visit

  • No health care class

  • No philosophy

  • Inconsistent fees

  • General visit recommendations

  • Sometimes doesn't return calls

  • No profession involvement

  • No practice events

  • Out of date/disorganized office

  • Saves randomly if they can

  • Doesn't refer to Life

  • No public talks

  • Hopes it will all work out financially

What group do you belong to? If you find yourself in the 80% group, stop, take inventory of yourself and your office, and take action today to get into the 20% group and Be one of The Last Chiropractors.

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