Friday, December 26, 2008

Phraseology and The Last Chiropractor

What you discuss with your patients in the treatment room has consequences, especially if you are The Last Chiropractor. You will affect the patient’s physical and mental well being.

Being one of The Last Chiropractors and being grounded in the Vitalistic Philosophy of Life it’s easy to understand how you affect a member’s physical well-being. You adjust the member opening up their nerve channels allowing innate force to flow from brain to tissue cell and tissue cell to brain with minimal to no interference. Now that the innate forces of the body are flowing with minimal interference this maximizes the expression of innate intelligence through the innate matter allowing the individual to be functioning at peak performance levels. Increased energy, improved metabolism, increased resistance and clearer thinking begin to return resulting in Heath and Optimum Performance. Not a bad thing.

Then there is the mental aspect of the patient’s well-being. Words have meanings and no one knows this better than The Last Chiropractor. The Last Chiropractor works on their phraseology until they get to the point where what they say to members as they care for them is automatic. It’s focused and on point. You are functioning at a level of unconscious competence, a higher level of mind. What I am getting at can be made clear by the following multiple choice question.

What topic should not be discussed as you care for your members?

· The patient’s health condition.
· Chiropractic
· Subluxation
· Atlanta Braves

I’ll bet you wished board exams were this easy. But in reality it’s easy to discuss everything under the sun as you care for your members. The Last Chiropractor keeps the discussion on point and focused. You need to discuss the member’s health, their care plan, chiropractic, Subluxation, chiropractic philosophy and wellness and that’s about it. Anything else is getting off purpose and not necessary and actually counterproductive. As a matter of fact you start talking baseball, the weather, soap operas and the like and you waste valuable time that could be used to help the next member sitting in your reception room. The Last Chiropractor is on a Mission to care for as many people as possible.

Now there is a time to talk about the Atlanta Braves in the care of your members. It’s when John Smoltz, the pitcher, is a member and is concerned about how being subluxated is impacting his performance as a pitcher. A little baseball talk would be appropriate in this instance. This is especially true when you have your adjusting members in an open adjusting area with other members sitting in hot seats. What better way to knock it out of the park in the presence of many members than to explain to an athlete how being subluxation free improves performance?

On a regular basis you will have members in the clinic that are in severe pain. In these cases you may not be able to improve them significantly physically that day; however you can improve them mentally. You accomplish this by being positive. Reinforce the fact they are in the right place. Let them know you are going to help them by removing irritation from their nerve system. Reassure them. Empathize. By doing so you may not have improved them physically but you have improved their mental tone. Also reinforcing the fact that you don’t know for sure if you will alleviate their pain, but by removing irritation from their nervous system your members know there is a good chance of improving their overall health.

Members of The Last Chiropractor know that they are not seeing their chiropractor specifically for the relief of symptoms but they also realize that a lot of symptoms disappear by staying subluxation free. So if a member doesn’t get the relief of symptoms they are looking for by correcting subluxations, they have been educated by The Last Chiropractor to know they just may need to see some other professional for that problem and still continue with their regular chiropractic care.

When adjusting the patient say positive things like Got It or That Removed a Lot of Nerve Pressure or Great or Super or That’s the Best Adjustment I Gave All Day!

Be Positive, Positive, Positive!!! Always!!!

Let’s avoid saying things like ooops or did that hurt or are you OK? or does that feel better? or did I get it? The Last Chiropractor never makes statements such as these as they plant the seeds of doubt and uncertainty in the members mind. If you have to say it at all, think it, don’t verbalize it. Realize, even if it wasn’t the best adjustment you ever gave you did put a force into the body at a specific point that in your educated intelligences opinion needed a force. Your member’s innate intelligence will take this universal force you provided turning it into an innate force and use it to make the perfect adjustment. So you see, it really wasn’t an ooops!

As a final thot you need to be positive and enthusiastic in the day to day caring of members. Negativity has no business in your office or your day for that matter. Always be this way. It’s contagious. Work on staying on purpose with your members and educate them about chiropractic, their condition and how Subluxation Eats Away At The Very Fabric Of Life. It’s all about caring for the member.

Members Don’t Care How Much You Know, They Care How Much You Care!

The Last Chiropractor is always positive, focused, efficient and on purpose when interacting with their members. Their phraseology is always on point and appropriate. The Last Chiropractor is a Meaningful Specific.

When grounded in the Vitalistic Philosophy of Life it is easy to be this way at all times.

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