Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Last Chiropractor Is In The 20% Group

The movers and shakers, the leaders and the doers in the Chiropractic profession have many characteristics in common, that is why they are one of the Last Chiropractor's.

The Last Chiropractor always falls into the 20% group and not into the 80% group. What group do you find yourself in?

The 20% Group:

  • Love what they do

  • Are consistently upbeat and enthusiastic

  • Stay focused on the tasks at hand

  • Are confident and optimistic

  • Are action oriented

  • Make friends easily and have a huge network

  • Aren't afraid to confront

  • Finishes what they start

  • Think BIG

  • Are proud to be a Chiropractor

  • Think long term

  • Are lifelong learners

  • Are humble

The 80% Group:

  • Consider it work or their job

  • Are moody and introverted

  • Get distracted easily

  • Lacks confidence because of fear

  • Tends to procrastinate

  • Have few friends

  • Avoids confrontation

  • Cuts corners

  • Think small

  • Chiropractic is a career choice

  • Short term thinker

  • Know it all

  • Arrogant

We get to choose what group we want to participate in each and every day. Make sure to choose wisely and you can be one of The Last Chiropractor's.

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