Monday, December 22, 2008

Initial Meeting With Potential New Member

When a potential new member comes to your office they have four questions on their mind. However, even before these four questions come into play they have one overriding concern which is. “What kind of person are they about to meet? “ They are very concerned and actually nervous about this question. You as the doctor need to understand this and address it immediately.

The way to instantly put them at ease is to come into the room where the potential new member is sitting…smile, extend your hand giving them a warm vibrant handshake and say the following.

“Hi –state their name – I am Dr. Mjoen. It is a pleasure to meet you and I am so happy to have you in our office today.”

You will usually see them smile in return and let out a sigh of relief once they realize you are a kind and concerned doctor, one who will listen to their concerns. In reality a potential new member doesn’t care about how much you know, they are more concerned about how much you care.

Now that the potential new member is relaxed and feels more at ease there thot’s return to the four questions alluded to at the beginning of this blog. They are interested in finding out answers to the following questions.

1. What is wrong with them?
2. Can it be fixed?
3. How long will it take?
4. How much will it cost?

The last chiropractor always tells the patient the truth. If the member is talking about symptoms the last chiropractor explains they have no idea what is causing the symptoms. They are unable to explain if it can be fixed. They have no idea how long it would take. Since the last chiropractor is unable to truthfully answer questions 1-3 they certainly will be unable to tell them how much it would cost to rid them of their symptom. They explain to the potential new member they don’t know if they can help their symptom, but they do know whether the symptom goes away or not with care they will be much better off with a nerve system free from interference.

So what can the last chiropractor tell the member and be 100% certain what they tell them is the truth? The last chiropractor tells them their sole purpose is to remove interference from member’s nerve system. They explain to the member it is always better to have their body function without interference to the nerve systems than with interference. Their performance at every level of human function will be better if their body is free from nerve interference. The last chiropractor is able to tell the potential member how much it will cost to the penny for membership.

The last chiropractor is able tell their members the truth at all times because they are grounded in the Vitalistic Philosophy of Life.

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