Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chiropractic Defined by Reggie

The wonders of Chiropractic are so simple that they're almost not worth discussing. You could discuss the whole thing in one sentence. The correction of subluxation allows the body to work at full potential, in the same way that the subluxation, by its very presence, inhibits the function of the body. The big idea in Chiropractic is that if you have a subluxation you'd be better off without it. It is as simple as that.

Performance is always directed and controlled by body chemistry. If your chemistry is normal under the body's own innate control, then the functions of the body are as perfect as they are ever going to get. Body chemistry is controlled by the billions of cells that make the chemicals. The cells that make the chemicals are controlled by the nerve system and the nerves are protected by bone. A subluxation develops. That causes one of two problems humanity has. There are only two diseases: too much or too little. You either have too much of this chemical or too little of that one. If the chemicals are perfect and under the brain's control, then the body functions at its own maximum potential. Not necessarily perfection, but the best it's capable of doing.

Chiropractic's role should be to bring about the correction of subluxation. Actually, the chiropractor doesn't adjust but introduces a force intelligently contrived in the hope that the body will then be able to adapt that force into and adjustment. The body alone knows where the bone belongs.

Reference: Chiropractic Revealed by David K. Scheiner, D.C.

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