Saturday, August 15, 2009

How Old Are Simple Principles?

There is so little man knows about the abstract of man, and so much that is known about the concretes of man, that one becomes fearful of the other and thus builds sciences which prove little and take man away from that which he needs to know about.

Man is born to live and die. He comes with an INNATE Intelligence and without and education. One he has at birth, other he accumulates. The accumulation never equals its SOURCE. The source is millions of years old, has gone through millions of adaptations, and knows right from wrong, good from bad, successful from unsuccessful. It's invincible, It's invulnerable, It's not subject to wounds or injury. That which we humans accumulate as an education is from birth to death, a short span of years, and then it goes back to the great vat of the cosmos from which it came. Peculiarily, the little THINKS it is the much. The much Knows it is little. The lesser assumes arrogant attitude of being greater than the greater. Greater assumes humble knowledge that it IS the greater, continuing to produce and reproduce, and lets it rest at that.

The Universal Intelligence takes many attributes in the human educated mind. Usually, in our modern day, IT is a He and a Him of tremendous size, equivalent to and something like ourselves. Others see IT only as the abstract, without shape, form or size. Whatever this IT has been or is, IT has existed before the beginning of time. IT has directed all worlds, all forms, all created things, including mankind.

Living is a continuous Law-Possessing internal process from moment of conception to moment of death. Every second, hour, day or year we are in constant and consistent law guiding motion - not one part individually but all parts co-ordinately.

That manifestation of Universal Intelligence in the Universe as well as its Innate Intelligence manifestation in All living products, which exemplifies Its existence following a definite abstract concept and concrete pattern, true to its own ideas and ideas to perpetuate and establish a balance between all its created species and families of species in mortal from.

Why title It? Man with his limited horizon suggests It possesses knowledge, understanding, ideas, ideals, discrimination between life and death, normal and abnormal, right and wrong, good and bad, constructive and destructive values of materials, adapts itself to conditions to preserve its integrity in all living products it creates and sustains. That It Is "universal" is an all-inclusive term of time, abilities, materials, beyond human scope. It is that intangible Source from which spring all things superior to mortal man, In man, To which all men aspire, revere and seek to comprehend its unlimited possibilities and responsibilities.

Any attempt to put into language Any interpretation of that over-all guiding Intelligence finds ourselves wordbound. It comes, It is, It does, without language, what It alone sees fit to do.

To Unbalance this Balance is to produce Dis-unity creating Dis-ease.

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