Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Art of Adjustment

August looks up; smiles as he realizes he finally reached his goal, being in perfect harmony with the rhythm of the universe. The musician and audience are vibrating to the rhythm of life. The adjustment is made….Perfection.

Your mind is in a place of total focus. You must allow the one being adjusted to get into a state of mind which readies their body to receive the universal force directed by your educated mind through your hands. An adjustment is not something you do to someone; rather an adjustment is something done together. One being adjusted must be ready to receive as you must be ready to give. You sense the harmonics, the vibration, the tone, the tension and balance of the one you are about to adjust and become one with it. You must bring the rhythm of your being into harmony with the rhythm of their being. You are no longer two, you are one.

The musician creates music the audience listens as together they dance to the rhythm of life. This is the only way you can reach perfection as you play life’s greatest instrument. Whether you realize it or not as a chiropractor you play beautiful music on the most complicated instrument in the universe.

Music is the harmonics that connects the universe and at this moment in time you are musician extraordinaire. By way of the adjustment you are connecting universal intelligence and force with innate intelligence and force. As you play music your audiences’ innate intelligence listens and integrates it making the perfect adjustment.

As you play this instrument you are reestablishing the connection between ones brain and all parts of the body. You are unleashing limitless potential by perfecting the expression of innate intelligence through innate matter as it is driven by unobstructed innate force. The end result is improved performance at every level of human function. You have positively stirred the expression of life allowing them to reach levels of performance they only dreamed of.

When you have reached this level of understanding of the adjustment you can start to begin to really understand the adjustment. This will be a lifelong pursuit.

In any event I just summed up the final scene of the movie August Rush without giving away too much of the plot. I have watched this movie probably 7 or 8 times now and will watch it many more times because I can see so many parallels with chiropractic philosophy and adjusting. This most recent viewing as I watched the movie it made me think of how as students you are learning the art of adjustment and how frustrating it can be at times. In order to make an adjustment all parties must be in harmony with one another. Sometimes it goes well and other times it is not quite what you would like. But being persistent and determined and arms with certainty you eventually begin to play your music with better tempo, tone and feeling. You are developing the art of adjusting.

I suggest you watch this film and think about this philosophy of life we call chiropractic. You will see parallels not to mention you will probably even enjoy the film. If when you watch this film and see the parallels to our philosophy it will pull at your heart strings and a tear may even form. If it doesn’t you better hit the green books, blue books, the 33 principles, Dr Koch’s new book and listen to Reggie Gold’s Philosophy series.

Hint: Moondance by Van Morrison

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