Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Can Man Reverse Law? - Part 2

The "Specific Chiropractor" acknowledges One dis-ease; One cause; One source; One adjustment necessary at One place, with designed desire to correct. Finding that One Place; giving One adjustment; restoring flow of One force; from One source; thru One channel predestined; whatever existed abnormally and unnaturally, will sooner or later, be restored to normal functional speed of action and Health, the ultimate and unequivocal requisite.

Are you satisfied with your present percentage of getting sick well? Would you like to step up your percentage of successes and step down your percentage of failures...and don't know how? Do you want to see "Specific Chiropractic" kept a separate and distinct profession? Would you like to see "Specific Chiropractic" a universal service in Every home, in all states in all countries? Do you think the world of people would be better if such were true? Do you believe that the sick of tomorrow have a right to get well with "Specific Chiropractic," same as people of yesterday?

What a glorious day That would be for the human race.

Suppose We tell Them!

  • Chiropractic is a philosophy

  • of the source and development of internal human function

  • from Above-Down, Inside-Out

  • the science of determining the location of

  • the interference to the flow of "Mental Impulses" between Source in the brain stem and function in body.

  • through the nerve system

  • and the art of adjusting by hand only, Vertebral Subluxations

  • which produce pressures upon spinal cord or spinal nerve tracts

  • to allow for restoration & creation of a "Mental Impulse" flow

  • so that "Innate Intelligence"

  • residing within each living body

  • has a free full flow

  • in the re-establishment and Restoration Of Health.

When a principle that is right is used right, the one so using it will succeed.

When a principle that is right is wrongly used, the one so using it will fail.

To condemn a principle because wrong application produced failure is to condemn creation itself.

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