Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Can Man Reverse Law? - Part 1

In our Chiropractic Philosophy, we have not devised, conceived, built, or manufactured another "road." We have observed, seen, and studied The road Which Has Always Been. Is Now, In Every Living Creature - Built By The Law For It To Travel Over And With.

We looked at and saw the "road" that was and is. We have merely interpreted That law "road." We have Understood there Was Such, made it possible to correct interference between the law, per se, and its lack of expression In the body in which it lives, making it possible for man To Travel Safely And Healthily on that "road."

Life, philosophically speaking is the harmonious connection between brain and physical body. Physiologically speaking, it is the normal expansion of tissue cells. Dis-ease, philosophically speaking, it is the partial interference of impulse between brain and physical body by pressure upon nerve tissue. Physiologically speaking, it is the excess or lack of normal expansion of tissue cells. Death, philosophically speaking is the complete cessation of impulses due to the complete disconnection between the brain and body. Physiologically speaking it is that state where no more germinal cells exist to allow normal expansion.


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