Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tuned to the Key of Life

Congruent with the harmonics of the universe The Last Chiropractor tunes the orchestra giving life to the body as they assist the conductor of the genius within. The soul of the subluxated cries out for the educated mind of The Last Chiropractor to restore harmony to the orchestral universe within. The perfect force can only be transferred from The Last Chiropractor to the subluxated soul if the music within them is played in the key of life. When both beings are vibrating as one and the harmonics are just right the adjustment is made. At that moment of adjustment this universal force is easily changed into an innate force that can be used by the body assisting the conductor in the performance of his orchestra as it plays the symphony of life.

The Last Chiropractor understands the soul of the being constantly plays its music, hears its music and creates its music as it adapts to an ever changing environment. The Last Chiropractor assists the conductor within orchestrate the greatest symphony ever 24/7 every day innate intelligence is present within the living. The Last Chiropractor understands they are only a facilitator, far from understanding completely the genius within as it constantly plays the symphony of life. Before the being with its inborn genius can orchestrate the most beautiful symphony in its repertoire this complex instrument must be finely tuned. This instrument must be tuned to the key of life. It is The Last Chiropractor who tunes this most important and complicated instrument ever created, the instrument Human.

It has been said the greatest tragedy in life is to die with your music still in you. The Last Chiropractor agrees this is tragic. Yet, The Last Chiropractor truly knows life’s greatest tragedy is when an individual is able to sing the music within them all the while not knowing their inborn symphony of life is being played a little off key preventing them from reaching their true potential.
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