Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good Habits Are The Key To All Success

Your habits define who you are and your life. It is very important to create discipline in your life and become disciplined in regards to your habits. If you want to be one of The Last Chiropractors it is critical to have consistency with your good habits. All of us have different lives and different circumstances, however some of the consistent habits of the great Chiropractors are:

  • Read from the green books daily

  • Have a mentor and be a mentor

  • Have specific written goals

  • Be a lifelong learner

  • Have a compassion to serve greater than your compulsion to survive

  • Have a attitude of gratitude

  • Be a giver, lover, server, and doer

  • Attend Chiropractic meetings regularly

  • etc..................

What are some of your habits that you do consistently to keep you focused, passionate, and grounded in the philosophy of Chiropractic? Let us know.

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