Friday, May 1, 2009

Philosophy, Science & Art...some thots

The objective of this blog is to summarize the thots of a number of our professions most committed and passionate chiropractors regarding their understanding of the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic. It is the culmination of a number of perspectives in an attempt to add to one’s own understanding and educate those less versed in the essence of this great profession.

Intelligence expresses itself everywhere and those individuals interviewed observe the expression of intelligence all around them everywhere they go and have a very special respect for it. They all have a deep understanding and admiration for universal intelligence, innate intelligence and educated intelligence. They all agree examination of the living reveals marvelous organization. This amazing awe-inspiring display of organization leaves no doubt there is an incredibly masterful intelligence involved. All agree there is an inherent wisdom, an inborn consciousness, an innate intelligence found in all living things and all life is animated by this wisdom within.

All acknowledge and have admiration for the natural self regulating, self maintaining, self evolving and self healing ability of every living individual. Chiropractors, with an understanding of their philosophy and the ability to apply and work in harmony with its unyielding principles, rely on innate intelligence to control, sustain, advance and repair the body. The nervous system is used by the innate intelligence of the body to be in command of and synchronize all functions of the body. The purpose of chiropractic is to ensure an individual’s nerve system is functioning with no interference since the ability to heal is primarily but not exclusively controlled by the nervous system.

Subluxation interferes with the transmission of nerve impulses. It is a very potent point of interaction where vital wisdom can be blocked or interfered with. Chiropractic helps the individual better express the wisdom within by removing interference. One of the worst things that can happen to an individual is to pass through the journey of life with subluxation. Of paramount importance is keeping an individual’s nervous system free from interference allowing it to express health and wellness to levels never before experienced. All felt their success and ability to sustain their success has been driven by the passion and knowledge they can restore normal physiology and increase human potential by removing subluxations.

When discussing universal, innate and educated intelligence all were in agreement universal is most important. Universal intelligence controls everything. Universal intelligence has been expressing organization, structures with wisdom and structures that can recreate themselves throughout history. It is this wisdom and organization, this intangible intelligence that expresses itself throughout the universe which is the fundamental principle upon which our profession rests. All were grounded by the straightforward fundamental principle in chiropractic which states: There is a universal intelligence constantly giving to matter all of its properties and activities thus maintaining it in existence.

To differentiate the intelligence found in living things from the non-living we say there is an inborn, rather an innate intelligence. This innate intelligence expresses itself within living matter allowing matter to adapt to an ever changing milieu; non-living matter is unable to adapt. Just as universal intelligence is found everywhere in the universe, innate intelligence is that part of universal intelligence woven into the fabric of all living matter. Innate intelligence expresses itself 100% at all times. Its expression is as great in the genius as it is in the moron.

Finally there is educated intelligence, part of innate intelligence, which is a part of universal intelligence. Educated intelligence pales in comparison to the innate intelligence of the body or the intelligence of the universe. Educated intelligence is knowledge we have learned. There is more wisdom in the sleeping newborn than our educated mind could ever hope to realize. Educated intelligence has no idea how to run our body. As a matter of fact educated pays no attention to or could care less as to what’s going on in the body. Your educated mind is just along for the ride as innate intelligence orchestrates the symphony of life within. The three intelligences are really just different levels of expression of the concept of intelligence or consciousness in the entire universe.

With a thorough understanding of the three intelligences, these doctors apply this knowledge to the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic. Our philosophy tells us why we want to do what we do as chiropractors. The science tries to explain the how which happens in what we do and the art is what you do about it.

Chiropractic philosophy defines who we are, what we are and what we do. Our philosophy gives motivation and direction to our profession. Our philosophy gives direction to science as well as the research which supports it. Our philosophy has us thinking about whole body function rather than individual body parts and symptoms.

Science needs philosophy and philosophers to explain what science means just as philosophy and philosophers need science to stimulate new and far reaching questions to contemplate. Science tells us our whole body is controlled and harmonized by the nervous system. Science has indeed shown us the patient’s body is far more intelligent than our educated mind. Science has shown us the nervous system is most vulnerable at the spinal level. It is here the art of chiropractic comes into play.

With an understanding of chiropractic philosophy they recognize their educated mind takes a subservient role to the body’s innate intelligence which is the true healer. Subluxation interferes with the conduction of nerve impulses. Our role is to eliminate these interferences so the body’s innate intelligence can convey itself more completely. Regardless of the technique used, chiropractic without the adjustment is empty and the adjustment without philosophy is misdirected. The art in chiropractic is the specific adjustment of a subluxation for the expressed purpose of synergizing innate intelligence, innate matter and innate force enhancing human performance. Adjusting the spine for this purpose makes our profession very unique. Chiropractic allows an individual to regain, improve and make the most of one’s health by natural means in a way in which no other profession can or does.

It’s no surprise the individuals interviewed are highly respected leaders of the profession. Common among them is their unwavering respect, understanding and application of the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic. Each in their own unique way is able to gracefully elucidate this philosophy at the same time as being true to its principles. It was apparent in speaking to these individuals they owned this philosophy so perfectly so completely it was part of their being. All unequivocally certain one cannot be totally human without chiropractic care. It is obvious these individuals are where they are today in large part due to their passion and commitment to the profession. However, to a far greater extent the success of these individuals has been their talent in being steadfast to chiropractic’s philosophy, the philosophy of life.


I would like to thank Dr. David Koch, Dr Joe Strauss, Dr. Chuck Gibson, Dr. Rob Scott and Dr Reggie Gold, all highly respected leaders in chiropractic, for their words and thots I have been privileged to weave together in order to give yet another perspective on the Philosophy, Science and Art of Chiropractic.

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