Saturday, April 25, 2009

Belief Is Our Master

This blog post is by Larry Markson, D.C. who is one of the most influential chiropractors of our time. He has influenced thousands of chiropractors to improve themselves first therefore improving their practice and helping millions of patients in the process. He is The Last Chiropractor interview for April, 27, 2009.

If I could summarize in to one word the entire essence of most personal development programs, that word would be “belief.” The purpose of the success-striving mechanism within you is to achieve that which you believe to be true. That’s the way our brain functions, like it or not - believe it or not. Belief is our Master – we are its Slaves!

It has been said that whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you will probably be right. And, the exciting thing about reprogramming yourself in the area of belief is that you can program yourself to believe ANYTHING YOU WANT. Can you just imagine how you would feel if your mind was imbedded with positive, beneficial, encouraging and life advancing thoughts?

Developing a positive self-image like the one I am speaking of about is based on expectancy and belief. It cannot be left to chance, it has to be programmed because the external environment is continually trying to break your bubble and keep you in your place.

Remember that your self-image was formed in your childhood and it won’t go away until you make it go away! You were conditioned to look at your weaknesses, rather than your strengths and to look at your problems, rather than the solutions. The funny part of it is that most concentrate in making their strengths better, what they are already good at (it just feels easier), rather than addressing and correcting their weaknesses, the best way to grow.

Still, you can start now and begin to work on and develop an empowering belief system at any age, regardless of all past experience. I did, others did and you can too!

Belief is in large part what is causing all the chaos in our world right now. A collective consciousness that focuses on what is wrong and how bad things are.

The choice you have is either to reprogram your beliefs or to allow the environment to determine your beliefs for you. It is either outside in or inside out – but it is your choice and your choice alone.

Okay, so your programming determines you beliefs and your beliefs determine what you do and what you have. Who then do you select to do the reprogramming for you? Perhaps the talking heads and drones on TV who clamor on until they capture a piece of your brain? Maybe the newspaper that sells doom and gloom? Could it be your family or so called friends who really don’t want you to change?

Whatever the case, who do you allow to determine your potential – you or someone else? I say make it YOU!

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