Sunday, January 11, 2009

How Do You Acquire Knowledge?

Specialized Knowledge is the fourth step toward riches for the Last Chiropractor. There are two types of knowledge, general and specialized. The Last Chiropractor is concerned with specialized knowledge.

The great thing about the Chiropractic business is that you can get all of the knowledge that you need. The core of the Chiropractors knowledge comes from three triunes:

  1. The study of Chiropractic: Philosophy, Science, and Art.

  2. The study of Intelligence: Universal, Innate, and Educated.

  3. The study of Development: Personal, Business, and Professional

There are many ways to get this specialized knowledge to focus your attention on regarding the triunes.

  • Use one's own experience and education thus far.

  • Use others knowledge and experience in your mastermind alliance online and off.

  • Take courses at colleges and universities.

  • Use resources at public libraries.

  • Take seminars and special training courses live or online.

  • Listen to Cd's, audio books, pod casts, etc...

  • Read blogs, many, many great books.

  • Get a mentor and learn, learn, learn.

  • Get a consultant to guide you to shorten the learning curve.

There are many way to get this specialized knowledge in Chiropractic. The question is in what form are you going to receive it? Start now on a journey to become a lifelong learner and become one of the Last Chiropractors.

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