Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Brain

The brain is the broadcasting and receiving station for thought and the twelfth step toward riches and being one of The Last Chiropractors.

Anybody can wish for riches, and most people do, but only a few know that a definite plan, plus a burning desire for wealth, are the only dependable means of accumulating wealth. - Napoleon Hill

Since the brain is both a broadcasting and receiving station The Last Chiropractor must always keep the nerve channels open and their power between brain and body at 100%. The fatal mistake of many Chiropractors is not to be congruent and fail to get their spines and nervous systems checked on a regular basis. How can you expect someone to come to you for lifetime chiropractic care when you aren't receiving it yourself?

A great habit to get into is to always carry a jotter or a piece of paper with you at all time and at the stand beside your bed. You never know when your brain will be receiving valuable information (thought flashes) that can be valuable to your personal and professional life. Get fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature on a regular basis because this will remove interference and allow your brain to broadcast or receive valuable insights and wisdom.

Remember that nature needs no help, just no interference. This habit is just as important to master as the rest, and it will put you on the fast track to becoming one of The Last Chiropractors.

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