Sunday, January 17, 2010

10 Key Characteristics of Ultra-Successful Chiropractors

  1. A clear foundational philosophy. (tic & care) –the study of existence, the nature of things.

  2. A strong sense of purpose. – the force that drives you, your push, it tells you where you are going.

  3. Consistently positive attitude.

  4. Insatiable passion for what you do. – passion drives your purpose.

  5. High level of certainty. – very critical, most sell a product they aren’t sure they are delivering, which is a greater neurological function, which leads to greater health and well being. We get paid in direct proportion to our certainty.

  6. Fanatical about efficient procedures in the office. Wealth cannot be created without efficiency.

  7. Know how to hire a top notch team. it’s to hard to do on your own.

  8. Have a well thought out economic model for the practice.

  9. Have to have a plan of financial and money management.

  10. Have a crystal clear vision every day of what you are moving towards.

    Rate each of the 10 characteristics. You must have an 8 or higher in each to achieve ultra-success as a Chiropractor!


Marc Browner said...
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Marc Browner said...

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