Friday, February 20, 2009

Simple Explanation "How Chiropractic Care Works"

You will benefit from Chiropractic Care whether you believe in it or not. It's based on universal and biological principles and laws. The law of cause and effect is a good example. It's common sense. It's simple.

Chiropractors keep an individuals nerve system free from interference allowing the brain and body to stay in constant communication enhancing performance. If there is interference to that brain body communication performance levels suffer. The most common interference to the nerve system is the vertebral subluxation complex. A minor misalignment of the bones of the spine causing direct pressure on the nerve or more commonly disturbing the neurological bed in which the nerve root rests causing irritative stimuli resulting in abnormal function from this structural alteration. This causes the brain body connection to be less than perfect lowering human performance on all levels. Subluxation eats away at the very fabric of life!

A good analogy is tuning in a radio station. You are in your car and want to listen to your favorite radio station. All of your presets were accidentally deleted the other night by your teenage son so you have to tune in the station manually. When you get close you can here the station you want, it's just not crystal clear. That's what a subluxation does. This is how your left kidney feels when a subluxation is interfering with the spinal nerve that controls its function. The left kidney still works, however its performance suffers with a less than perfect signal from the brain. This results in less than perfect function of the kidney due to this fuzzy signal from the brain caused by the subluxation.

Now the chiropractor has as their mission the detection and correction of subluxations in the spine to remove the static/interference from your nerve system, creating a clear channel. We adjust the subluxation and open the nerve channels, resulting in more perfect communication between the brain and the left kidney. Just like tuning in that radio station when you get that clear signal. In both cases you have removed interference improving communication and performance.

Chiropractors keep brain body communication free from interference. It's as simple as that!

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