Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What Is The Best Question Ever?

The Last Chiropractor is always in Integrity. Always is a big word, however it is impossible to be one of The Last Chiropractor's if YOU are not always in INTEGRITY. The Last Chiropractor uses The Best Question Ever to make it easy to stay in integrity making the right decision decisively. There is actually a book about The Best Question Ever which I would suggest you read. For the purposes of this post we will share The Best Question Ever with you so you can apply it to the following 3 examples.

You have a practice member in your office. You took x-rays of the member’s lower back. You see an area on the x-ray that looks like it could be some type of degenerative change but something in you makes you flash that it might be some type of cancer. It just doesn’t look right. You have to make a decision. Should you send the films off for a second opinion or should you treat the patient for a week or two and see how they respond first? The Last Chiropractor applies the best question ever.

You are in your practice caring for your members and the member asks you if you could speak to the local Kiwanis’s club in two weeks. They need a speaker and thot of you. Now you don’t really like speaking in front of people and you have a family at home and that’s the night of your favorite TV show. The question is should I do this or should I come up with some excuse? The Last Chiropractor applies the best question ever.

Finally you are processing a new member in your office. They are 36 and have a history of a couple of bad falls on the ski slope 15 years ago and were involved in a MVA 5 years prior. He slipped going down his basement stairs injuring his lower back and that’s why he is in your office today. You are finding subluxations in the lower back right in the area he is having pain and tenderness along with restricted motion, swelling and spasm. You are really busy and have to decide whether this person needs x-rays or not. You are on the edge and not sure which way to go. If you take the films it will put you another 15 minutes behind schedule. If you just send them home to put ice on their lower back you can get back on schedule in no time. Your CA just informs you that you have another new member in the office ready to be seen. What do you do? Do you take the x-rays or not? That is the question. The Last Chiropractor applies the best question ever.

Knowing and using the best question ever makes the answers to the above questions easy. So here goes. What is the best question ever? The best question ever is:

What Is The Wise Thing To Do?

In each of the above examples ask this question of yourself. I believe you will send the films out for a second opinion, you will enthusiastically tell your member you would be honored to speak at their club and there is no doubt you will take x-rays in the third example.

The Last Chiropractor when faced with a decision routinely defaults to the use of the best question ever. This allows The Last Chiropractor to make decisions quickly and correctly. What is the wise thing to do? The Last Chiropractor knows!
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