Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What is The Last Chiropractor?

The Last Chiropractor is a dedicated individual indeed. Passionate about everything they are involved in. Have a great family life, a dream practice and an excellent income. The Last Chiropractor loves to go to work. Actually they don’t consider it work. Rather their practice is a joy where they interact with their extended family discussing universal intelligence, innate intelligence, educated intelligence and the interrelationships as they relate to human potential and health.

The Last Chiropractor gives their extended family the push they need to better understand how important it is for them to relate to their environment. Your extended family are the members of your practice who take control of their lives as you push them to greater personal responsibility in all aspects of their life using their own health as the springboard. The Last Chiropractor does not concern itself with the minutia of diagnosing symptoms and disease but rather release the true potential in each and every member by removing interference to their master control system. As stated before “The body doesn’t need any help, it just needs no interference.”

Parents bringing their newborn to The Last Chiropractor to be checked for subluxation is the rule. Then of course mom and dad along with the newborn’s brothers and sisters all get checked for subluxation as well. The Last Chiropractor has as its members, families who understand the importance of living life subluxation free. The only reason they are members is to minimize interference to their nerve system so their body functions at its highest level throughout their life. The family that gets adjusted together thrives together as they all express peak potential on every level of human function enhancing their immediate family unit along with those they come into contact. As a result of maximizing human performance The Last Chiropractor has a positive impact on the world.

The Last Chiropractor has the dream practice. You determine how many families you care for. Once you get comfortable tending to 50 families you will realize you can care for 100. Once you reach 100 families, 200 families seem attainable. How many families can you serve? If you are The Last Chiropractor you can serve as many families as your mind can conceive and believe you can.

What would your PVA, patient visit average, be if you were the last chiropractor? The national average for PVA is 14 for the ordinary chiropractor. Fortunately The Last Chiropractor is not ordinary. The Last Chiropractor is extraordinary. The Last Chiropractor does not treat patients, they assist members. Ordinary chiropractors have PVA’s; extraordinary chiropractors have MVA’s, member visit average. So what would be the target MVA of The Last Chiropractor be?

Average life expectancy is 77 years. Members of The Last Chiropractor visit their chiropractor every week for their entire life. Thus 52 visits per year multiplied by 77 years of age equates to 4004 visits over a lifetime. If you practiced for 77 years you would tend to have an equal spread of all ages from newborn to 77 so by dividing 4004 by 2 you get 2002. So The Last Chiropractor who practices for 77 years no matter how many families they have taken care of will have a MVA of 2002. Most of us will probably practice closer to half that long. Thus the target career MVA for The Last Chiropractor would be 1001. The Last Chiropractor’s short term 5 year MVA goal is 130 and their 1 year goal would be 26 which is nearly twice that of the national average, hardly ordinary.

The Last Chiropractor stands out amongst their peers by practicing their chosen profession as if they were The Last Chiropractor in the world and without them chiropractic would not survive. From this perspective The Last Chiropractor insures chiropractic will not only survive, it will thrive. The Last Chiropractor is committed to the Vitalistic Philosophy of Life. The Last Chiropractor is passionate about educating as many families about this philosophy as they can. Persistent Determination guarantees the success of The Last Chiropractor. The Last Chiropractor not only fly’s, they soar to heights never before achieved by the ordinary chiropractor. Far from ordinary, The Last Chiropractor is Extraordinary.
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