Monday, November 17, 2008

The Last Chiropractor

If you were the last chiropractor on the planet would chiropractic survive? Let me hear your THOTS.

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Kerith Powell DC said...

Yes! The first time I heard the chiropractic message it was James Parker in a hotel room with about 20 or 25 others 10 of whom were already chiropractors.
The message was simple. You are born with everything you need to perform every thing you need. What chiropractors do is remove interference caused by physical, mental and/or chemical insults. The removal of this interference enhances your bodies ability to do what needs to be done in spite of repeated insults that come about by our modern lifestyle.
What struck me was how much that message was congruent with what I already thought about my body. It was succinct and showed respect for me and my body.
I love sharing that message. The truth of chiropractic is eternal.

The Last Chiropractor said...

Dr. Powell,
That's what so great about Chiropractic, it is so great and so powerful yet so simple to understand that most people get IT if they are told about IT.