Monday, August 1, 2011

What Is You Master Control System?

Our master control system is the brain and spinal cord (the central nerve system). It is like the strings on a puppet, if you interfere with the master control system, you interfere with how it functions. Like our body, if we have nerve interference, our function will be impaired. Subluxations cause interference. It is as simple as that.

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jwblackk said...

I like the concept here, but disagree partially...
The Brain & Nerves are NOT the master control system of the body. I know this for sure because 100% of dead bodies have Brains and Nerve systems.
Maybe a more accurate way to think about the CNS and "Master Control" is the concept of Live vs. Dead Brains. Your inborn Life source (Innate Intelligence, life energy, power, breath of life, inborn coordinating wisdom, whatever...) animates every cell in the body. This creative energy is not controlled by the brain, but it USES the brain stem, brain and nervous system to coordinate & organize the functions of every cell in the body.
So we need a consistent clear neurological connection between brain & body so the "life communication" and healing messages are transmitted and received. Subluxation is an interruption of these signals.
It is as simple as that.