Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Is Your Power On 100%?

When you have a dimmer switch turned down 20-30%, you can still see (function), just not at 100%. When you are subluxated, you are even close to 100%, and can't function at your full potential. Get checked regularly for subluxations.


Derek said...

These exercises will surely help the patient in developing healthy joints which in turn will minimize the pain in the joints and strengthen the muscles. Any chronic damage to the muscles and joints is prevented.

Janine Zargar

Derek said...

The Chiropractics practitioner wil conduct tests that are physical and neurological on you just to ascertain the magnitude of the problem. An experienced Chiropractic practitioner will just come to the conclusion of the problem by having a feel of the curvature and shape of your spinal cord which will give him a clear basis to decide the course of treatment. Getting the problem diagnosed properly id the first step towards a proper treatment from where you can expect the best results.
Moshen Zargar